Madbyte Update — September 1, 2021

This month, our new custom portfolio feature has been enabled for members. If you check out the MadFolio section of the panel, you will now see an area that allows you to list custom assets, along with the amount you hold and note for each. This feature is similar to how FTX (formerly Blockfolio) works. By default, the price will be automatically updated a few times a day, but you can also choose to manually set the value if you wish. If you do not see a coin or token that you would like to track, contact us on Discord and we will look into adding it.

Community coming together — Photo by Mario Purisic

There are literally thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence. Some dominate the news and then there are the others you have never heard of since they have such small communities. Madbyte is one of those currencies/assets that only has a small community. We have joined a group of people that work on community coins ( from around the world. This will allow us to learn and help improve Madbyte in the long term. We will also be adding some of these smaller coins to our custom portfolio in the panel.

Once again, we have some hidden projects being worked on that will utilize Madbyte token. Learning from making premature project announcements in the past, we will not be giving any information on these as they are all in various stages of development. Be sure that we will give more information once things are near completion and set to be released. If you have any project that you think will benefit the Madbyte ecosystem, be sure to contact us.

All the best,
Madbyte Team