Madbyte Update — March 1, 2022

The MADX token is now available on the Fantom blockchain. You can check out our Fantom smart contract at and do trading at SpookSwap. Within the MadCapX panel, members can now deposit and withdraw Fantom-based MADX in their vaults, but processing of requests will not start until later this week. With this addition, MADX now exists on three different blockchains: Ethereum, Waves, and Fantom.

MADX Token is now on the Fantom Network

We are now accepting registrations at using the invite code “testing”. This is our external version of the MadCapX token field which will only have rewards available to be collected if they are supplied by players. Our staff will regularly be putting in some MADX as well as the occasional LTC (and possibly other coins) into chests. We will also now be giving out larger prizes at the end of each period (currently set as monthly) to the player who has attacked the most others. Anybody will be able to set their tokens and coins for random distribution onto the field if they desire. Although not available yet, you will be able to deposit/withdraw from your profile page and transfer tokens to and from your account. There is a “shoutout” feature which allows players to have their custom text message with link displayed on the front page. Control of the shoutout is determined daily by whoever has bid the most MADX the previous day. Expect more upcoming features in the future for

All the best,
Madbyte Team



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