Madbyte Update — July 1, 2022

The MADX token on SpookySwap is trading at $0.0011 USD currently. In February 2022, it hit a high of $0.0074. Solana is down 84%, Fantom is down 94%, Ethereum is down 82%, and Bitcoin is down 74%. Similar to the many other altcoins in the market, the MADX token is down 84%. It is not only the crypto market that has losses this huge; traditional markets also have many stocks down 60 to 80%. How much lower are we going is the question many have or is the market close to the bottom already?

We have been covering Bitcoin and many of the altcoins in our MadCapX research newsletter that several of you get. Next week we will be writing our 75th issue that will look back at some of the coins and tokens and how they have fared in this bear market. Going forward from there, we will be reconfiguring the newsletter and starting to cover different topics instead of just individual asset research.

All the best,
Madbyte Team



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