Madbyte Update — December 1, 2022

Another year is almost over. It was early 2017 when we started on this altcoin journey to replicate Litecoin’s code with a few minor changes to create the Madbyte crypto coin. That’s almost 6 years of Madbyte playing in the crypto space. Even with the ups and downs in the space, we continue to be committed to the project.

Photo by Mira Kemppainen on Unsplash

Bitcoin dipped below $15,500 in November from the highs of $69,000 seen in November 2021. Some over-leveraged projects, backed by venture capitalists, have seen their crypto assets completely collapse in this downturn.

The MADX token value has also dipped, especially in this past month. You can find MADX on Pancakeswap, Spookyswap and Madtrade. The dip gave a good opportunity to grab cheap tokens. Same as with other tokens and BTC, the time might be good to start looking for those opportunities.

Nathan Rothschild, said that “the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” So is there enough blood in the streets yet?

All the best,
Madbyte Team



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