Exploring the Power of AI in Gaming

2 min readJul 3


AI gaming is becoming more advanced and sophisticated every day. AI not only powers the graphics, physics, and gameplay of many games, but also creates new possibilities for content generation, personalization, and monetization.

The AI is creating your games

For example, FRVR Forge is a new AI-powered tool that simplifies and automates game development. With FRVR Forge, you can create games by writing natural language descriptions and let the AI generate the code and assets for you. You can also modify and customize the generated games using a graphical interface.

Future coder, Your very own AI Agent

FRVR Forge is developed by FRVR, a game studio specializing in casual games for web and mobile platforms. They promise to be the ultimate game developer’s toolkit that can revolutionize the game industry.

AI as your opponent

We believe this is a fascinating example of how AI can enable anyone to become a game creator without needing any coding or design skills. Imagine the possibilities and opportunities this could open up for aspiring game developers, crypto enthusiasts, and crypto/game developers.

In the future, will you be able to create your own game on the fly that includes your own or favorite crypto? Will your friends be able to expand the game with their own input to layers that AI creates on the fly?

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